Tshwane Mobile Truck Alignment Pty Ltd

Mobile service provider for wheel alignment and wheel balancing

Our mobile teams are capable of utilising; truck, trailer, bus, cranes, light commercial vehicle alignment and wheel balancing on YOUR site. Our customer and client base forum; consists of a diverse range of independent owner truck drivers, individual small business owners and large logistics/transport companies.


 We believe that customer satisfaction is our number 1 top priority. Trust that we can provide top quality expertise and deliver with skill!

Our Goal

Founded in 2004 by Francois, TMTA has come a long way from its beginnings to disrupt the overpriced necessary service that was so badly needed and yet he had a DREAM to start a company for his family to call their own. Putting the service need and need for a family living together, a company was established.

Our Story

Our mobile service consists of Truck, Trailer, Bus, Light commercial, military, crane wheel alignment and wheel balancing for aluminium and steel rims on your site. Our service delivery process and execution is easy, fast and reliable, near or far we come to you!